How It Works

Your subscription** provides access to the expertise of an IT Pro at a low fixed cost via a Trusted Adviser.  

**Trusted Adviser is only included in Plus and Advanced subscriptions.

Trusted Adviser

Your Trusted Adviser serves as your point of contact for IT related issues and questions.  This IT Pro is available to answer your questions, make recommendations, and help you to understand the next right action for issues that are impacting your ability to do business.

If we can’t tell you how to fix your issue, we will direct you towards the best option(s) for resolving your issue quickly.

Enhanced Support*

Our team members possess a high level of technical skill and training on how we conduct business.

Hardware and Software

Our Enhanced Support team members are available to fix issues requiring break/fix support either remotely (using remote support software) or onsite at your location. Think of this team as “hands on keyboards” help for situations that are too technically complex for the average business user to fix on their own.

Workflow Automation

Our Enhanced Support team is available to help you to streamline your business processes and get you back to what you do best – growing your business!


Our Enhanced Support team is available to help you to complete or update your website. Our team has the knowledge to help you to make choices that will minimize your overall costs and reduce the likelihood of service outages.


Our Enhanced Support team is available to handle the day to day communication tasks required to keep your existing services up and running. This typically requires regularly scheduled calls with your existing IT suppliers and regular updates for you regarding progress on issue resolution and feature requests.

*Enhanced Support is available at an hourly rate

Other Providers

If our Enhanced Support Team isn’t the best option for solving your problem, we will direct you to a Provider who can.  If you decide to take our recommendation, you will work directly with Other Providers to discuss and agree on rates and options.

We’re here to help. Sign Up to add an experienced IT Pro to your team at a reasonable price.

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